If you are wondering...

Should I take a class with A Nail Above the Rest?"

The only answer you should have is 'YES'! 


A Nail Above the Rest is a team of industry professionals that provide the highest quality education, business consulting and support to ensure a long-lasting relationship with our new and existing students! 

We believe that education is the foundation of your success and growth. Our team of top professionals will ensure you develop and obtain the training, skills and certification needed in today’s evolving market. Our expertise, passion and drive is what sets us apart as the go to resource for education at all levels with continued support. Whether you are starting out or an industry veteran; A Nail Above the Rest will help you take your career and business to the next level.

Why Us

  • One of the Top Recognized Training Facility in Alberta
  • Experienced Educators Who Will Show You How To Master Your Skills
  • Online Programs Available
  • To Ensure a Positive Learning Experience, We Limit Class Size To 4 Students
  • Classroom Settings will be Offered Again Soon
  • Professional Products and Equipment
  • Certificates Recognized Across Canada
  • Official T2202 Tuition Tax Receipt

In Alberta, there is no licensing or regulated certification in this field. As such, you must rely on the experience and reputation of the facility you choose to train with.  A Nail Above The Rest has been training since 1982.



It is a Beautiful thing

when a career and a passion come together?

Here's what our students have to say...

I am so extremely happy with my choice of A Nail Above The Rest. Becky and Corrine were always so fast at responding to all my questions throughout the course. I was very nervous going into the course, I didn't know what to expect or how to find clients to practice on. With the help of the amazing team at ANAR I was able to get all my sets done in no time. Andrea is a great instructor. She made everything easy to understand for the beginner tech and it was really awesome to share different ideas with her through the course. I was lucky enough to have the experience to travel to Vegas with the ANAR team and it was the trip of a lifetime. I "nailed it" with my choice of A Nail Above the Rest and my new group of life long friends. - Danni McLeod