Canada-Alberta Job Grant

Would you like to maximize your training budget to train your new and current employees?

Employed Trainees:

Employers will cover a minimum of one-third of total eligible training costs, and the grant will cover two thirds of total eligible training costs up to the above maximum funding per trainee.

Unemployed Trainees - "NEW ADDITION TO THE FUNDING"

Employers training and hiring unemployed Albertans will have 100 % of their eligible training costs funded under the CAJG program.


What is the Canada-Alberta Job Grant?

The Canada-Alberta Job Grant is available to assist employers with skill shortages and maximize your skills training investment. It is an employer-driven training program that is part of the Government of Canada and Government of Alberta, and provides training grants to Alberta businesses to help hire and retain employees in their organizations. Employers must use a third-party training provider to deliver the formal training, and training can take place at your choice - online, onsite or in a classroom setting.

Available to all employers, the Canada-Alberta Job Grant allows employers to support training initiatives that equip current and future employees with the skills needed to fill available jobs.


A Nail Above the Rest courses qualifies for the Canada-Alberta Job Grant Funding.

Length of training:

Whether it is one training course or a combination of training courses, training must:

  • Meet or exceed 21 trainer instructional hours;
  • Start within six months of the application approval date;
  • And
  • Be completed within 52 weeks from the start date of the first training course on the application.


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