Acrylic Nail Technician

A Nail Above the Rest - Acrylic Nail Technician course is designed to foster professional standards for aspiring students. This course is ideal for students that enjoy creativity, artistry, interacting with people, and who possess a passion for learning. We focus on delivering clear, concise and concrete training, built upon a comprehensive curriculum.

This certified course is designed to provide aspiring acrylic nail technicians with the skills necessary to become a Professional Nail Technician, as we believe that knowledge is the key for success. With a combined program of theory and practical application, our school is both inspiring and rewarding. Students must be prepared to work hard in order to accomplish maximum benefits. Our instructors have been in this industry for many years and will share their insight and advice anytime you need it.

Students Can Expect To Cover:

- Customer Service - Acrylic Application
- Nail Structure and Growth - Working with Nail Tips
- Irregularities of the Nail - Working with Nail Forms
- Infections and Infection Control - Creating Acrylic Nail Extensions
- Osteology, Physiology, and Dermatology      - Shaping and Finishing the Acrylic Nail
- Preventing Occupational Hazards - Nail Fills and Re-Balance
- Equipment and Acrylic Products - Use of the Electric File
- Pre/Post Service Protocol - Troubleshooting
- Natural Nail Manicure - Working with Nail Biters
- Preparing the Nail Plate - Professional Development
- Files, Hand Filing and Shaping - Business Essentials

The tuition fee includes the class dates that are scheduled over a period of 4 nights of class that are scheduled over a period of 4 weeks consisting of 6 hours of instructional class time each night, 3 hour of examination time after your 12 weeks of practicum time where you complete 24 Acrylic Nail Services, as well as a complete Acrylic Nail Kit. The entire duration of the program will actually require 14 - 15 weeks of your time. The course is taught in a Private One on One setting allowing the student to receive personalized attention and benefits from the educator’s expertise.

Tuition includes:

  • 24 Hours of Instruction Class Time + 3 hours Examination Time
  • ANAR Training Manual
  • Enailcouture Professional Acrylic Kit
  • Electric Nail File with Bits
  • Tool Kit with Disinfectant Spray System
  • 3 Models Required

The assigned home study portion and practicum of the course relies heavily on your self-motivation to develop your skills to a degree that will enable you to successfully service a clientele as a Professional Nail Technician. 

Upon successful competition of the course, you will receive a certificate recognizing you as a fully qualified Acrylic Nail Technician. You will have the confidence and skills to begin your new career.


Is there really a difference between a 1 day course with no practicum and a full course with practicum?
I could save myself over $1000.00?

YES YES YES! That extra time and extra money absolutely makes the difference! How do we know? Being an education facility that offers a full course we get those frustrated technicians who took that one day class calling us for help! Gel nail training is a process of theory, hands on and troubleshooting. When you invest in a full course, you have the benefit of developing a relationship with your educator who takes the time time to watch your development and give you help in the areas that you most need. They will remain mentors to you throughout your career!