Manicure Pedicure

A Nail Above the Rest - Manicure Pedicure course is designed to foster professional standards for aspiring students. This course is ideal for students who enjoy making a difference through knowledge, creativity, interacting with people, and who possess a passion for learning. We focus on delivering clear, concise and concrete training, built upon comprehensive curriculum.

Aspiring estheticians will be taught the required skills necessary to perform a manicure and pedicure with confidence and proficiency throughout this certified course. The specifically designed small classroom setting will allow you to benefit from your educator’s expertise.  Students discover our combined program of theory and practical application not only exciting, but that it also encourages them to succeed in their chosen career. Enthusiastic students who work hard accomplish maximum benefits. Knowledge is the key for success and our accomplished instructors are eager to pass along their many years of respected insights in this industry. They are always available whenever you need their advice.

Students Can Expect To Cover:

- Customer Service  - Sanitation / Disinfection or Sterilization Protocols
- Human Anatomy & Physiology - Manicure Procedures
- Nail Histology - Pedicure Procedures
- Nail Growth, Diseases + Disorders         - Application of Nail Polish + Gel Polish
- Diabetic Foot Care - Salon Readiness for Employment
- Senior / Geriatric Foot Care  - Salon Business for the Entrepreneurs 
- Medical Style Pedicures - Work with Footlogix© Pediceuticals Products
The entire program requires 3 weeks of your time scheduled as follows:
  • Day 1: ZOOM Meeting: Eight (8) hours of instructional online class time
  • Day 2: Eight (8) hours of instructional class time
  • Day 3: Eight (8) hours of instructional class time
  • After Day 3: Three (3) weeks at home practicum study to complete 24 Manicure Pedicure Services
  • Final Examination: Four (4) hours

Tuition includes:

  • 24 Hours of Instructional Class Time + 4 Hours Examination Time 
  • ANAR Training Manual
  • Professional Manicure Kit / Footlogix Pedicure Kit / Gel Polish Kit with LED/UV Lamp
  • Equipment + Tool Kit with Disinfectant Spray System

The assigned home study portion of the course relies heavily on your self-motivation to develop your skills to a degree that will enable you to successfully service a clientele as a Professional Manicure Pedicure Technician.

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