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I am so extremely happy with my choice of A Nail Above The Rest. Becky and Corrine were always so fast at responding to all my questions throughout the course. I was very nervous going into the course, I didn't know what to expect or how to find clients to practice on. With the help of the amazing team at ANAR I was able to get all my sets done in no time. Andrea is a great instructor. She made everything easy to understand for the beginner tech and it was really awesome to share different ideas with her through the course. I was lucky enough to have the experience to travel to Vegas with the ANAR team and it was the trip of a lifetime. I "nailed it" with my choice of A Nail Above the Rest and my new group of life long friends. - Danni McLeod

Being a past student of A Nail Above The Rest I know I made the right decision starting of my nail career there, getting the best education is vital as there is so much to learn starting out and it's something that cannot be taught in a weekend. A Nail Above The Rest offered constant support and advice (and still continues to do so!) I found their program thorough and the educators down to earth knowing that I can contact them even when not in class with any questions or concerns was a great help. I like how I can continue to further my knowledge by exploring many of the extra educational classes that are available there from nail art to advance shaping etc. - Hayley Tickle of Nailz By Hailz

I was fortunate enough to start my nail career with A Nail Above the Rest. Corrine is a wonderful, knowledgeable instructor and mentor with many years in this industry. I have learned so much from her over the years, and continue learn from her as well. Any time I see her, she always takes the time to answer my 101 questions! I have also had the opportunity to take a workshop with Andrea Hulan who is wonderful as well! For anyone looking for a reputable company to start out their nail career, I would highly recommend A Nail Above the Rest! - Jodi Young of Adorned Sculpted Gel Nails

I'm very pleased to have chosen A Nail Above the Rest to start my career as a nail technician. This informative program and the instructors' attention to detail in producing a superior product sets me above my competitors in the areas across Canada that I have lived and worked. My customers rave about the quality and service that I was taught to provide as they don't encounter this level of professionalism with my competition. My business is advertised by word-of-mouth only and I have a waiting list. A Nail Above the Rest remains the cornerstone of my continuing education as I can contact Corrine and her staff about anything new in the industry. - Billie Jean Rowland

In 2010, when I was looking for an institution to complete my gel nail technician course, I found that 'A Nail Above the Rest' came highly recommended with lots of positive feedback from previous clients. They were also very easy to book with. Once meeting Corrine, my instructor, and owner of the company, I knew I was on the right path. She was confident, knowledgeable with a positive attitude; she was also very easy to talk to! I felt comfortable with my new career path, and was positive I made the right choice. I am now in my 7th year as a nail tech and have a high standard to live up to as I become a leader in the industry. I couldn't be happier; I now have the job of my dreams, creating art and building relationships with my clients and students. It was all made possible by A Nail Above the Rest. - Simone Short of Get Nailed

I chose ANAR because it came highly recommended from a nail technician that was a family friend and happened to be doing my mom's nails. My mom's nails were always so beautiful and of such great quality. It sparked my interest, so this nail tech explained a bit about the course to me and I was sold. It was a great atmosphere to learn in. Very individualized teaching. Being educated in the small classes allowed the instructor to spend a helpful amount of time with each student. Even outside of class time, my instructor and the owner were kind and caring enough to answer any questions that, I myself as a new nail tech, had. And the very best part is that even now, years after completing my course, the people of ANAR are still always there to help you succeed in this career. By bringing in the latest products and being willing to show you how they work, to offering endless classes to keep your skills up to date and ever improving. I personally couldn't be happier with the route I took and that is thanks to where it all began! - Jayden St. Dennis

When I decided I wanted to pursue a career as a gel nail technician, I asked my nail tech for advice. Being a tech who uses the Amore product and having the Amore courses as well, she pointed me in the direction of A Nail Above The Rest. I went home and immediately looked them up online. I was interested but thought that maybe I wanted a course that was quicker. After looking around at other places and seeing ads claiming "$500 One day course, have your certificate by the end of the day" I realized that in the end you get what you pay for. I signed up with ANAR and didn't look back. I was so happy with the course and how I learned with practice over the 4 months. I loved how Corrine was always available to answer questions about techniques and product. She was a very busy lady but always took the time to answer a text or an email. And she still is! And Becky is so great for that as well and is always so helpful. I love the Amore product as do my clients. It's been almost 4 years since I started my course. I also did 2 art courses and a workshop with ANAR. I love that I'm able to work from home as I've always been a stay at home mom. It gives me the flexibility to work around my family. Nails have turned into such a passion of mine and I'm so happy that it all started with A Nail Above The Rest - Colleen Allaby of CK Nails

I was born & raised in Alberta; I made the decision to move out to the BC coast. While I was adapting to my new life away from my family, my mother Alice Dayton had made a career change from hairstylist to nail technician. She had taken her training through A Nail Above the Rest and within no time she had mastered her new skills. Mom was ready for a climate change so I managed to convince her to move to the coast so we could start our own business and The Coastal Nail Studio was the beginning of my new career! We had the opportunity for A Nail Above the Rest to travel to our location and train our employees. They definitely have supported us throughout our years in this industry. Everyday I’m inspired to create beautiful images on my client’s nails and enjoy my profession. With my artistic abilities over the years Tipz by Jenn was featured in the nail art portion of Nail Pro Magazine twice and I am proud to be recognized from one of the top Canadian Gel Manufactures as an Amore Ambassador! - Jennifer Dayton of Tipz By Jenn

My career as a Certified Nail Technician began back in the spring of 2009. Soon after I graduated my course I became an employee and worked directly under Corrine for 7 years. I gained the most invaluable lessons and tips in the industry. She is incredibly knowledgeable and is a great mentor for anyone who wants to thrive in the nail business. The staff, at A Nail Above The Rest are so quick to help with questions at any time and love to see women join them in become amazing entrepreneurs! I highly recommend this training facility to everyone in search of a close knit nail family who cares a lot about one another! - Kelcie Olson of Knockout Nails

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