Gel Trouble Shooting

But I love doing nails...
So why am I struggling with it? Will I ever get the hang of this?

If you are asking yourself these same questions then this is the workshop for you!

This workshop will act as a refresher course with a chance for the technician to touch up on areas of uncertainty. It will help technicians to progress with their skills and to reduce the time taken to produce a set of enhancements. This workshop can be helpful for technicians that have taken time out of the industry and wish to recap on their existing skills and become up to date.

You will gain hands on experience and with the guidance of your Educator; you will refresh your knowledge and become an expert in what will work best for each of your clients.

Students will learn:

  • 5 Step Nail Prep (#1 Reason for Lifting)
  • Primers - Acid or Non Acid?
  • Safely Use Your Electric File
  • How To Choose Your Bits
  • Form and Tip Placement
  • Product Knowledge
  • Common Fill Problems
  • Time Management
  • Proficiency in Service

This workshop can be customized to the skills you wish to learn.


Our workshops are currently offered as private classes. Dates are set at time of registration and the cost is set on the city the workshop is being held.  For more information please call the head office (403)649-3248 or email info(at) 

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